Fresh concrete

Fresh concrete is a building material obtained through homogenising the mixture of cement, aggregate, water and additives. This process is done in efficient, ecological and automatised batching plants. At the moment, Readymix Romania is providing a wide variety of products to their clients, our types of concrete have proved their durability for years in several constructions and they are produced using the most modern types of cement and additives. Our products undergo a strict and permanent quality control which provides both the quality of concrete and an optimal value for money. The concrete recipes are designed by our experts according to the demands of the national standards in force.



The variety of concrete provided by Readymix Romania

The concrete is produced by Readymix in efficient, ecological and automatised batching plants and it is eventually transported to the place where the construction is being carried out. Readymix can provide you with a wide range of products which have a certificate of factory production control:

  • Types of concrete: C 8/10 - C 50/60,
  • Road concrete: BCR 3.5 – BCR 5,
  • Cement stabilised ballast 4-6 %
  • Special types of concrete depending on the client’s requirements (waterproof concrete, macroporous concrete, sulfate resistant concrete, hydrotechnical concrete, concrete having low hydration heat, etc.)
  • screeds,
  • In addition to concrete manufacturing, we provide efficient transportation, concrete pumping and laboratory services as well.


Concrete quality assurance

All Readymix employees are conscious of the correctly carried out constructions, under quality conditions and the effects of these upon the client’s satisfaction, costs, the economical efficiency and environment as well. Therefore, in addition to the interest in satisfying our clients’ requirements with quality products, we have a continuous concern for diminishing the impact on the environment which is produced by our object of activity. Thus, Readymix implemented a system of quality management according to ISO 9001 and one of environmental management according to standard ISO 14001. Aligning concrete manufacturing to the two standards, to the integrated certification of quality systems and environmental management was effectively done through obtaining the certifications confered by SRAC (The Romanian Society of Quality Attestation), a body that contributes to the continuous supervision and development of the management system through annual audit. As for assuring product quality, Readymix implemented a permanent control and documented system of production according to the standards in force. The factory production control is certified by ICECON CERT, a notified certification body which refers to both concrete manufacturing and the control and supervision of production and concrete products, activities which are connected to the quality management system. Every transport of concrete is accompanied by the declaration of conformity by which the user is assured of the fact that he has been provided with the concrete that satisfies all the required properties in the order. These permanently supervised and controlled activities ensure the client of the high quality of our products and services.

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