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RReadymix Romania SRL was founded in 1999 as a part of the READYMIX P.L.C. international group, a world leader in concrete manufacturing. Eventually, in 2005, READYMIX P.L.C was absorbed by the CEMEX plc (S.A.) group, one of the world leaders in concrete and aggregates. Starting with 2007, the CEMEX S.A. group gave up its shares from Romania in favour of the local partner, READYMIX P.L.C.

The company is organised according to the organisation principles of READYMIX P.L.C. and CEMEX S.A., so that the motto GUARANTEE OF QUALITY is well-deserved and acknowledged by our clients.

The high quality production and the faultless services are made possible by the qualified personnel, modern batching plants and the park of approximately 63 truck mixers and 20 concrete pumps, whose booms are well-structured, having 28, 36, 38 and 42 ml. The laboratories are equipped with latest generation machinery as well.

The qualified personnel is able to provide free specialised consultancy to the clients.

Readymix Romania S.R.L is among the first 5 manufacturers on the Romanian concrete market.


Batching plants

Immobile batching plants

  • Bucharest – Domnesti,
  • Bucharest – Otopeni,
  • Arad
  • Brasov,
  • Cluj,
  • Oradea,
  • Timisoara,
  • Targu Mures.

The department of mobile batching plants

EuroMix 2000 and EuroMix 3000 types of mobile batching plants, having a 2.25 and 3 m3 mixer and an effective hourly output of 100 m3/ hour and 130 m3/ hour. The technical data is included in the attachments.

Mobile batching plant for manufacturing stabilised ballast, an hourly output of 300 m3/ hour.


Additionally, the plants are equipped with:


  • containerised house water supply plant group;
  • containerised hot air generator;
  • containerised thermal power plant;
  • containerised laboratory;
  • 60 m3 water collector;
  • 120 m3 aggregate bunker for EuroMix 2000;
  • 155 m3 aggregate bunker for EuroMix 3000;
  • recycler;
  • weighbridge.


Utilities provided by the beneficiary:


  • A minimal area of 4,000 sqm with a minimal side of 45 m
  • Electrical energy connection: 200 KVA;
  • Connection to running water: 1,5 ÷ 2 l /s;


We also have electrical generator sets which provide the energy that is necessary to the batching plant, in case the electrical network does not exist.



Collaboration possibilities:

1. Installing a mobile batching plant in the organisation of a construction site (in maximum 3 weeks), with the possibility of installing another plant as a backup, along with a fleet of truck mixers and pumps that are necessary for concrete delivery.

2. Renting a mobile batching plant along with the qualified personnel, as well as truck mixers and concrete pumps for processing and transporting concrete- if necessary.


Please contact us for any further details.




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